January 7th, 2015


2015 New Years Resolutions

I love new years resolutions. The trick is to be creative about them! Pick some things you're excited about, ignore some things you're not. And no repeats.

So first off, here's what I said I'd do for 2014:

1) Keep our mail organized - Did I really say this? Why? Well, mostly I just started throwing more crap away. I did get new, more accessible file boxes that have helped a bit, but I'm no more efficient at using them more than once every 4-6 weeks.

2) Set aside some craft room space for josie - did this! It's a mess, but I did it. She's got drawers and shelves just for her stuff.

3) Have a huge garage sale - Did this in May! Honestly the best part was the end of the garage sale, when we stuffed the car full of what didn't sell and took it all to the DAV.

4) Convert some spacefem.com scripts over to mysqli - did this in some places! But the main accomplishment is that all new scripts I'm writing are mysqli, including most of etsytrades.com

5) If I buy clothes, aim for natural fibers. Organic even. - Kept my eye out. Really, I just didn't buy much this year at all, so points for that. My favorite new article of clothing is a great jacket I got made for organic hemp from Mountain Lotus on Etsy - since it's handmade, I just threw in the seller notes that I'm tall and need a few more sleeve inches and it happened!

6) Start flying again - FAIL. I flew, like, three times? But I blame the class III medical disaster for most of the delays.

7) Hire babysitters more often. Go out. Have fun. - yup!

8) Read up on intersectional feminism or anti-racism issues - I only read Bell Hooks, need to keep at this especially with some more recent titles.

Now for the 2015 list... and I will say, part of why I'm writing this NOW is that I've got to end this list and stop thinking of ideas, it's getting too big!

1) Read up on anti-poverty initiatives
2) Make the whole spacefem.com mobile-device friendly
3) Join the local maker group and be more involved
4) Keep my car cleaner
5) Finish my toastmasters CC manual
6) Back up and probably replace the graphics computer I have in the basement. totally on its last legs.
7) get properly measured to make sure I'm buying the right bra size
8) keep up the livejournal.
9) stockpile canned goods, buy more food in bulk
10) realign my mentors at work

I am on purpose not adding anything about an MBA to this list, I don't want to pressure myself on that one. There's still lots to read. And Marc and I have discussed getting passports in the interest of future travels, but that's been a new years resolution for me before and I didn't do it, so per my guidelines it cannot be a resolution again. I have to find another way to do it.

happy new year!