November 9th, 2014


Spacefem's feminist celebrity news FAQ

Street harassment. Reproductive freedom. Trafficked girls. Feminism can just get so darn serious sometimes - which is why our culture sometimes likes to shift away from the dreary and talk about an ever important topic: feminist celeb news! Because really, how can we change the world if we don't even know who's on the cover of Us Weekly? It's so important!

So I figured I'd post up my opinions of all the celeb news that's taking over feminist forums and twitter.

So Lena Dunham's book was creepy, right?
I don't know. I had to google who the fuck that even was. Apparently she's an actress and screenwriter for HBO... wait I thought we were talking about feminism? How is this a feminist issue?

Well people were mean to her, we have to defend all women right?
Uh, no. Feminism does not mean I have to defend each individual woman and everything she does. It means I'm trying to stamp out systems that oppress women as a whole.

But you defended Sheryl Sandberg.
I thought she had some good ideas that I could relate to. I work in an office, so I wrote about how I was using Sandberg's book to make feminism more accessible to my coworkers.

So Sheryl Sandberg is a feminist hero but Lena Dunham isn't?
NEITHER of them is a feminist hero! They're insanely rich and famous... if they use their voices for good, go them! If they do something stupid, leave it at the side of the road, or call them out, or be embarrassed - you don't have to back up everything they say. If we're going to quote feminists, can we at least pick the ones with women's studies degrees?

Beyoncé doesn't have a women's studies degree, and she calls herself a feminist.
Go her.

But isn't in a contradiction to be in sexy hip hop videos and call yourself a feminist?
I think I mentioned before here that I am white. I seriously doubt that the world needs my opinion about hip hop.

But feminists need to have opinions!
Yes, we need opinions about ending rape and sexual violence, educating girls, this stupid Kansas election that just fucked up my week. We can also shut up! and we can admit that some things just don't matter... I do not care whether you wear mascara, or shave your legs, or have kids, or don't have kids, or wear purple, or pole dance... STOP LETTING PEOPLE TELL YOU THIS IS WHAT FEMINISM IS ABOUT.

So when white feminists say racist shit do we ignore it?
No. We call them racist. And then we make fun of the fact that celebrities are not exactly the smartest people in the world so maybe we shouldn't be so focused on what they have to say. And roll our eyes and be embarrassed for them because seriously, once you start watching, this shit happens all the time. Ani Defranco, Caitlin Moran, Annie Lennox - all have said things that made me CRINGE in the last 12ish months. So we call them out, learn from their mistakes, and for God's gracious sake do not defend them just because they're "strong women". And more important: keep looking out for better feminist heroes. Who's writing the good books? What spaces are inclusive? Who's making life better for women?

Dear everyone - do not get opinions about news and politics from celebrities. Ever. Just put a big sticker on them that says "to be taken with grains of salt. not going to solve the worlds problems, despite playing such a character on TV".

do not make celebrity news into a feminist issue.