August 26th, 2014


book: how the world sees you

I saw this book, "How the World Sees You: Discover Your Highest Value Through The Science of Fascination", at the airport in the business best sellers and wrote down the title. Did not buy it, because I was traveling and it's over 400 pages... massive!

But I got home and checked it out from the library and read it, and sorta hated it.

The author uses the word "fascination" over and over and over and over. The whole book is about how you fascinate people. be excellent. very peppy and motivaty. It's about how you should focus on what's best about you, how you have something special and unique to deliver you just have to find it, I was waiting for unicorns to come up.

Then there's a personality test... oddly enough, no one had scratched out the code in the library book. I also chose not to. That'll be an interesting experiment, see who takes the code. I figure if I want the code, I'll buy the book.

I also just realized that if you ever write a book, be sure to include a secret one-time-use code for everyone to take a special test, a code you only get from buying the book brand new.

I guess I just realized reading this that I am officially personality-tested OUT. Strengths finder. Myers-briggs. DISC profile. Enneagram 9 types. I can't do it anymore, kids. I need to read books with substance... and I am in another book with substance, a business book about the automotive industry. I need some reality in my life, not these lofty pep talks about my inner spark.

Maybe part of the problem is that I've written personality quizzes for my website and figured out, at the age of 19, the tender formula for those: ask people questions, then rephrase what they just told you into a compliment that makes them feel good about themselves. They will identify, and pass the quiz along. Go ahead. Find out what color your rainbow is. Apparently I missed the boat though, I should have packaged my quizzes with a book and charged people to take them.

But my biggest disappointment was that I thought the book would discuss methods to discover, well, how the world sees me. I thought the book would be about reading people, interpreting cues to tell if they're on board and how I should reshape my message based on them. It never got there. Did I miss it, I thought? Kept flipping around the three chapters... the vast majority of the book is describing the personalities in this 7x7 matrix, so nope. I read about how to write my personal anthem. I read about how I can be successful by being more of who I am. I read about how I should answer questions about myself to tell how others saw me... uh, that's kinda messed up right? Shouldn't I ask other people how they see me, not myself? Reminded me of my cop-out boss who said he wouldn't give me feedback because "most people know their weaknesses". No they don't! That's why they're weaknesses!

Oh also... to get this book at the library I had to put it on reserve, because it's a brand new bestseller right? I was like tenth in line. I'm used to this, I waited seven weeks to get the second hunger games book once. But this book? I had it three days later! Sure the library has multiple copies, but damn that was a fast line... which made me realize that nobody actually spent any time with this book. There's no substance, in 425 pages. Maybe that's why they didn't scratch the code. All of us library readers, who do not just buy whatever book we see at the airport... we need a little more. We are tired.

So I don't know, amazon reviews of this book are awesome so maybe I'm being cynical this week, I just think this book is a LOT like strengths finder 2.0 only more cheerleadery, repetitive, with less substance. so if you need a "YAAAAAY YOU!!!" go ahead and buy this book. I was not fascinated. I was bored.