July 1st, 2014


why birth control is a human right

I know, everybody talked about Hobby Lobby yesterday. Here are my three talking points for the time capsule.

1) It's freaky that a company can decide that any random thing is an "abortifacient" that should be written out of a woman's healthcare coverage. This is what sexism is. I don't know everything about men, but I do know one thing: a man can get any treatment his doctor recommends, and it will not be labeled an abortifacient.

2) I have an IUD. I love it. Just want to be public about that. I do not consider myself someone who's having tiny abortions every month.

3) There was a time in my life when I first got my period that I medically needed birth control. It happens to millions of women. I could either be on the pill, or I could be crawling on my knees for two days a month unable to stop vomiting.

4) But regardless, I think every woman deserves access to contraception regardless of medical need. Let's stop talking about the fact that pregnancy can kill you or periods hurt, because a lot of people haven't experienced that or they just don't care. Let's talk instead about the fact that we just deserve access.

Let's all admit, as a society, that sex is something that many perfectly normal people have, just as a part of life. Stop acting like sex is just for childbearing women performing their "marital duties" and trying to get pregnant. Stop acting like only sluts need to have sex. Just get over those two categories, and call it something that humans do.

Then birth control becomes healthcare. See? That wouldn't hurt anybody. In fact I think it would be good for all of us, because we wouldn't be wrapped up in sex, clutching our pearls at the mention of it, afraid to bring up the topic of contraception.

We could all just be okay.