January 12th, 2014


my goal of being a world traveler

Marc and I have noticed that just saying the phrase "we're not having another baby" is SO LIBERATING. What will we be doing in three years? Whatever the hell we want! We'll have two kids who are able to stay overnight at someone else's house - we can go on float trips, weekend getaways, conventions. In five years, they'll be old enough for some kind of summer camp! At least that's my fantasy.

So something I feel like I've missed out on in life is world travel. I really feel downright bad about the fact that I've never been off this continent, I feel like it limits my perspective. So I'd like to get away someday. And Marc just likes adventures so he's totally down.

I have no idea how to go about this, except to start saving money for it. I'm always neurotic about travel because I'm obsessed with the idea of getting the most for my money and time - I hate getting lost, hate wasting time, hate the idea of someone asking how our trip went and we say "Well I saw this big building that I could have seen better with google image search."

I want to get off the beaten path - but not so far off that I actually get beaten, that's another fear.

Our destination list:
1) Europe - I'm not sure where. Maybe amsterdam because I used to love van gogh so much and we could see that museum, maybe Belgium? or spain, because we love nightclubs and spain I've heard has amazing ones.

2) India - maybe Goa. I want an adventure and I've heard India has it.

3) Japan - I bet tokyo is amazing but I've also heard everything is really expensive so this one might have to come last so I don't waste my money being an idiot at international travel.

I might try to go places where I have online friends because my favorite part of any trip has always been meeting up with someone, touching base for coffee and getting tips. you don't screw up, waste time, or get lost when you have an excited local friend.

maybe I just need books to pre-research this stuff.

it's a mess, i don't know where to start, all I know is that I'm 33 years old right now, and if I turn 43 and STILL haven't ventured outside north america I'm going to be really disappointed with myself.