December 31st, 2013


Everything I did in 2013

In case you missed anything... although you probably didn't miss much. It was a baby year. That really kills your travel and social plans.

January - Started off the year pregnant, and not flying since I'd lost my currency after being sick. Ended up not flying ALL YEAR which was depressing. Next year, K? Pledged to boycott hobby lobby over mean-spirited birth control policies for employees, and missed it very few times throughout the year.

February - Josie attended a church group a few times a week that taught her some new songs. Her communication skills grew by leaps and bounds this year, giving us some insights as to what's in her head, although I have to say we kinda suspected before that she's a crazy kid so talking really just confirmed it. I was chair of our kids' science expo that SWE hosts every year which was hectic, but very successful.

March - I presented at the Region I SWE conference on impostor syndrome and got lots of really nice feedback. Wichita was awarded the bid to host 2014 which will be exciting.

April - Planted lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and some herbs while growing increasingly pregnant. The herbs turned out well. Tomatoes were another disappointment. Had a big fun cinco de mayo party, well before cinco de mayo because I knew the baby would cause a conflict.

May - Baby Olive was born. She basically sucked her thumb for the rest of 2013 while we took turns rubbing her fuzzy little head. She earned high praise for her cute cheeks.

June - I caught up on Netflix while on maternity leave. Jabba our fat guinea pig died. The supreme court struck down part of DOMA and Olive got to go to her first gay rights rally. Josie turned 3 and we ruined her birthday by making her give balloons away to her friends. Her friends all got her dress-up princess clothes because when she visits them, she's drawn into their sparkly skirts like crazy because we deprive her.

July - Returned triumphantly to work.

August - A friends' family suffered a tragic loss and we went to the funeral, I could write more but I'd rather change the subject. Entered a fabric design contest but didn't do well, decided I didn't care about votes, my sales are good.

September - Josie started preschool and has gotten much better at almost writing 80% of her name. She especially likes the capital letter E. Went to the Wichita renisaince fair but didn't love it. Went to Wichita Pride and did love it.

October - For halloween Josie was a cat, I was Leela from futurama and Olive was Lord Nibbler.

November - Didn't blog about my work stress but got into it with some higher-ups over priority issues, turned out I was right and we had to scramble in a bad way to meet some deadlines. I've never heard so many people use the word "cluster" in a professional setting. I got a lot of pats on the back, for saving us from a bind we shouldn't have gotten into in the first place.

December - Olive finally grew a tooth, then three more quickly poked through, she's getting on this teeth thing! Stopped being a good sleeper though. Dammit.