December 30th, 2013


My ten best entries of 2013

These are loosely based on google ranking, re-tweets, and my own feelings. Tomorrow I will have a "what I did" entry to talk about my life events, but here are the most important things I philosophized about:

1. Getting Crafty Girls into Engineering Why does society consider some hobbies "technical" and others "fluffy/pretty", when they too could easily be indicators of a fantastic future engineer?

2. Are STEM fields too mean for women? I weighed in and said I liked that we're honest, it made me strong. Also that we shouldn't judge STEM based on exit interviews unless we compare it to other fields people are leaving.

3. feminists vs. housewives showdown! (again) Magazine sales are driven by controversy, even made-up controversy about how feminists NEVER stay home with their kids and look down on any woman who does (false).

4. Annual rant on parties where women sell crap to each other Ladies, let's just get together to be friends. I'm tired of baskets and scented candles.

5. Dear @NASA & @AstroKarenN - a little remessaging to encourage women in engineering? NASA's astronaut bio painted a portrait of a smart engineer who didn't seem like a smart engineer. I say that crafty hobbies MAKE you a smart engineer.

6. star talk radio, a bit on darkness Just a cool note about why the universe looks dark except for the stars we see

7. What I looked for in a preschool security, degreed teachers... but the tie-breaker ended up being the classroom pets.

8. How I explained 'kinky boots' to my kid Her struggle was more about finding those boots in her size... adults who think drag queens are hard to explain have it all wrong.

9. Guide to second baby gifts In a nutshell, anything the first baby chewed on.

10. What Scares my Toddler I don't get it, but the kid loves movies that scare me (Coraline) but hates a grown-up in a spongebob costume.

I saw The Hobbit

I liked the hobbit for Bilbo being awesome, and running around on gold. ending was certainly a bummer though. It's called "the desolation of smaug" so silly me thought we'd either see Smaug get desolated, or see Smaug desolate something else. We got to neither! Worst movie title since "Attack of the Clones", which really set the low bar for movie titles.

the "not arwen" elf girl could've used her own storyline instead of just being a wo- on a man. Like, she could have gone dwarf-healing just to stick it to the elf establishment. But no, it was her tender heart. Yawn.

if you see it though, take a moment to appreciate that the dragon is voiced by benedict cumberbatch. He did a good job.

whenever I hear a name as funny as "benedict cumberbatch" my mind immediately goes to engelbert humperdinck. AND THEN... Zingelbert Bembledack, Tringelbert Wangledack, Slut Bunwalla, Klingybun Fistelvase, Dindlebert Zindledack, Engelbert Humptyback, Zengelbert Bingledack, Vingelbert Wingledanck.

Well I can see this review isn't going to win any awards. Even forgot the spoilers Warning! But, Eddie Izzard. I win reviews!