December 24th, 2013


baby's first christmas presents... think calmly now, people

Babycenter used to have this feature where you could push your blog posts over there, so that's why there's a babycenter "version" of a lot of my livejournal entries, including this 2010 one about Josie's first christmas. The reason that one always sticks in my head is that I actually got a comment over there criticizing me for not buying presents for my infant...

You didn't buy your child presents for Christmas? You assumed the grandparents would? That doesn't seem right... Wether or not my childrens grandparents buy them anything, wouldn't stop me from buying my children something,anything... You opened gifts that you and ur husband bought for each other? Yet neither of you thought to buy for the child?...okk strange... I guess things just work differently in ur household...

I really hope she missed the fact that my "child" was six months old, the entry did state that she was still in a high chair and the website is babycenter, but who knows. I was a little confused, talked to some people, found out that a lot of people do try to make their babies' first christmas "special" by loading them up with presents. huh? they're babies! they just want you to smile at them, their memories last 20 minutes!

Luckily I got some validation from STFU Parents, a site I approve of in all ways. They started a series of posts to eye-roll at parents who buy their kids way too much stuff, then turn to facebook to post a picture of the "haul" all together in a way where you can't even find the baby.

Anyway it's Olive's first Christmas and you know what? I still feel very secure in my decision to buy nothing for my baby.

I approve of this mommyish post: Perfect Gifts for Babies Who Don't Know It's Christmas. Wrap up a box of cheerios... it's even box-shaped so it's easier to wrap!

We give gifts because it makes the recipient happy, and because we enjoy getting new things for our loved ones but can't do it all the time for random reasons, there are holidays for this.

Now don't get me totally wrong, Olive will get a present from us. When Josie (age 3) gets her packages from santa I want her to understand that santa visits all the kids, so there's a box for Olive. But guess what's in it... I went down to the basement, pulled out one of Josie's baby toys she hasn't seen in years, and wrapped it up. It's a little train with blocks that go on it that I'm pretty sure we got from Ms. A for Josie's first Christmas or birthday, I don't remember which. It's a cute and I think our friends would be happy we're reusing it to mean something to Olive. Or they'd be amazed that we kept the pieces together. Whatever, it's a great first Christmas present and is costing me nothing and I didn't support the marketing craze that tells us everything must be made new, new, new to be special in America. I like it.