December 21st, 2013


spacekid's christmas presents

I always look forward to Christmas because I'd get to buy Josie some presents I wanted for her, we try to be really anti-materialistic, we even keep the birthday parties small, so by the time a holiday comes around even I am feeling a void.

But it got a little complicated... first, I bought her some legos. Then her and I started playing with her duplos a lot and I noticed a few things, first that she's just now starting to build cool stuff with the duplos. Second, she gets really frustrated when she has a hard time clicking the pieces together. Legos would be even harder for her, not to mention easier for Olive to eat, so I opted to beef up her Duplo collection by winning some people and animal figures off Ebay. When they showed up at the house I just went ahead and opened them rather than saving them for Christmas, and we had a great afternoon.

The legos are in my desk at work. With the receipt. But I got them on sale, and she will get them eventually, so I might as well just keep them there.

I sent Marc got get her a razor scooter and helmet. That worked out, that'll be her big present.

I bought her some little craft stuff... a bracelet making kit that's basically just stickers you put on them, and FASHION PLATES, and new markers and glitter glue.

I'd wanted to buy the game of Perfection but Marc is sick of anything with little pieces so I held off, but once I made the anti-lego decision I went looking for it, and couldn't find it anywhere. So that'll have to wait for a birthday.

When I couldn't find perfection I thought of getting her a Rapunzel doll she lusts after every time we got to Target, but at this point it's so close to Christmas the shelves were stripped bare. Target and Kmart were both just down to Cinderellas.

I took it as a sign, it's for the best. Keeping Christmas small is a good idea.