December 17th, 2013


weekend events

I've been writing a lot of philosophy lately and not much of what we've been doing.

Last week was busy. Tuesday we went to an annual family concert that the symphony puts on. Monday and Thursday we had friends over for dinner. Marc made chicken and alfredo sauce the first night, tuna steaks and fried rice the second.

Saturday we went to the mall and dropped off the car for an oil change and finished up our Christmas shopping. I bought Josie some clothes, both her grandparents do a nice job of buying her outfits but I'd been feeling lately like she needs a little of our style in her wardrobe, it's hard to explain, but we let her pick out more crazy tights and shirts with obscure sayings on them, that sort of thing. All clearance rack stuff, you can do all sorts of wardrobe-adjusting on a kid without spending much.

Marc and Josie went out to lunch and then to a movie, they saw "Frozen" and marc said it was awesome. Olive and I stayed home and did the normal stuff you do at home to entertain a baby... make funny faces so she laughs, then sort some laundry and throw socks on her, then do some crafts while she eats a cardboard ribbon spool, then try some rice cereal out until you quit paying attention and the dog eats it because you left the little bowl on the floor. You know.

Olive has one tooth as of last weekend, she still isn't crawling but she's kind pushing with one leg when her arms lunge so she can definitely move. Then she gets tired, rolls on her back and sucks her thumb.

Sunday we all slept in... Olive was awake a lot all night, so her 7-8am nap was sort of her way of sleeping in, I puttered around the house and relished being the only one awake in the house. Made myself a burrito with eggs, avocado, chipotle mayo and salsa. When everyone woke up Josie and I cleaned her room for a while, then played duplos, so her room is messy again. but the clothes are put away.

In the evening we went to a christmas party my company was putting on at the roller skating rink. we brought friends... met at one gal's house and had some wine before we went out there, yup. Josie is getting better on those kid skates, and since there were more adults I skated too, we took turns sitting out with the baby. There was face painting, santa, and clowns, and josie said she did not like the clowns but then one of them made her a balloon flower and she told me that *that one* was nice.