November 30th, 2013


how I explained 'kinky boots' to my kid

Oh Jesus, there were drag queens on TV in the Macy's parade and half of America has to flip the fuck out about it. the funny thing to me is I didn't even think it'd be controversial! I'm out of touch with my conservative base, I guess.

Anyway most of the angry people are asking how they're supposed to explain it to their kids, so I thought I'd post about how I explained it. Josie and I were watching the parade, sure, it was fun, then the "kinky boots" act came on. Josie pointed out that everyone was dancing in big sparkly boots. Then she asked if she could have boots like that. I said that I was sorry, they didn't make those in her size, those were only for grownups.

She was upset, but enjoyed the number so much she came to terms with the disappointment she'd just suffered as a result of our little talk. The end.

I mean, how do you explain anything to your kid? Karaoke? Contact lenses? Netflix instant watch licensing agreements yanking their favorite shows out of your queue? There are so many things in this world that are so much weirder or more difficult to explain than drag queens.

shit, someday I'm going to have to sit my drag-queen-appreciating child down and explain conservatives to her, that's a mess that really scares me.