November 28th, 2013


Happy thanksgiving!

I only have a few things to say:

1) Happy Thanksgiving!

2) We're making our own cream corn today :) I was googling recipes and found one on Paula Deen for creamed corn casserole... Marc asked if every word started with "K".

3) This is actually our second thanksgiving this year, the first being at my mom's last weekend. That turkey was incredible, Josie ate a ton of it, I hope we live up to her expectations now. Also spent the weekend playing legos and Clue with my sister and BIL and had a blast.

4) people for heavens sake, DO NOT GO SHOPPING TODAY! Shun the materialism for a few hours, tell retail stores to give their employees one whole day off! I'm really offended about the "black Friday starts early!" sales. It's not enough that Christmas is all about shopping now, they want more? Screw that.

5) Riesling. A good idea with turkey.

6) planes, trains, and automobiles is on netflix if you need a holiday-appropriate movie!

Okay, six things. I had six things to say :)