November 25th, 2013


Toddler vs moon phases

Last week there was a beautiful full moon out and I told Josie to look at it, and she asked me where the other moon was. You know, the one shaped like *this* and she held up her hand in a crescent shape. I said it was the same moon and tried to explain how sometimes there was a shadow over part of it so we don't see one side of it... I promise I tried to keep all of this very simple. Josie remained convinced that I wasn't understanding her or that i just didn't know there was another moon. Finally I gave up. We'll either try to point out more transitions, or just tackle the topic again next year.

I have to coach new engineers to come to the table with proposals, not just questions. Have a take, research for us, say what we should do and why. From what I've seen Josie has this skill nailed at the age of three. I thought little kids asked "why?" a lot? My daughter just seems to arrive at her own stubborn conclusions with no help.

In related news, I do remember being a kid and thinking there were two earths. One was a "space one" that looked like a big blue marble and had dust and craters and astronauts bouncing around on it. The other one was where we lived. I remember asking if you dug a hole in the space earth, would it show up here? My parents had no idea what I was talking about.