November 15th, 2013


when pinterest gets upcycling totally wrong

Dear pinterest: I like you, but sometime you are stupid. And by "you" I mean the community... aka everyone on pinterest. I'd like to review one term in particular: upcycling

Upcycling is when you find an object that has outlived its purpose and save it from the trash by using it in something new. For example, the keyboard whose keys stopped working becomes a pencil cup, yay.

Stealing paint chips from the hardware store for your scrapbooks is not "upcycling"... It just increases demand for the paper and printing to make more! Did you use them to find a paint color? No? Then you didn't need these, and you're not saving them from the trash. It's not upcycling.

Buying a box of plastic spoons to make a lampshade... Also not upcycling. At all. You used a brand-new material and caused someone else to use a separate one.

I'm not saying all my crafts are 100% eco-friendly, I'm not exactly growing my own organic cotton in the yard here. But don't lie to yourself about what you're doing, that's all I ask.