September 1st, 2013


fast food worker wages & boycott questions

Has anyone else heard that we're supposed to be boycotting fast food this week? Maybe it's just me and my bleeding heart liberal circles... but apparently all over the nation, workers are picketing and demanding that they earn at least $15 an hour, a salary that certainly resembles a living wage much better than current minimums.

I'll admit it, I eat fast food at least once a week. We'll be out and hit up Planet Sub, or Fazoli's. I probably go on McDonald's only once or twice a year but that's just because hamburgers aren't my favorite.

I should eat less fast food because I know it's bad for me, high in sodium and all that, but it's tough. I mean really I should not eat out at all. We should eat only dairy-free cruelty-free all organic fresh fruits & veggies from our back yard, but as I wrote yesterday, gardening is not a special talent of mine.

And here's my biggest issue with the fast food boycott: I gotta eat, so if I can't eat out I'll just buy more groceries, and grocery store clerks aren't exactly raking it in. How's that fair?

Then there's the inflation conflict that always comes up when we talk minimum wage. I mean sure we could all make $100 an hour, but then a loaf of bread could cost $50, and what's it gain you?

I'll try to support workers by not crossing picket lines this week, how's that? But I don't think I'm going to just boycott all fast food unless I see a darn good reason to do it. And I'll boycott Arby's. But that's more because they discontinued the mushroom swiss roast beef sandwich with the crunchy onions - I freaking loved that one. Limited time only specials do nothing but piss me off.