August 7th, 2013


anniversary weekend

I kinda looked back through some anniversaries over the years and I've been awful at updating my livejournal.

I also realized lately I've had more philosophy, less facts about what's going on with life. So I want to write something that's a bit more concrete.

Marc and I celebrated six years of marriage. It was happy, I feel like our marriage has been one long string of blessings, I was really appreciating what we have in light of things we see others go through. Marc did want to try and leave the kids with a sitter or something so we could really go out, but with Olive still nursing the times are just too tight, we'll have to do that another year. She's only three months old.

We did leave Olive with a neighbor saturday so we could go to a funeral, we left after about an hour and did not stay for the meal. She hadn't eaten much with them, we'd left a bottle but she wasn't into it. Was hungry when I got there though. She'll take a bottle from dad no problem, but seems to be picky about other people. Then we were all hungry so we went to Red Robin for hamburgers, even though we try not to eat out twice and we knew we were going out sunday for our anniversary, I was like well, it's our anniversary "weekend". And after a funeral sometimes you need some fatty comfort food.

Josie loved eating out, she got a balloon and got to go look at the video games, she's old enough to know you should put quarters in but we tell her we don't have any, and she's not old enough to miss actually playing them. Just looking at them and pretending is really cool. A few weeks ago she built a whole arcade out of duplos, had a handful of pennies and would drop one in a place, push "buttons", and stay happy for a really long time.

Sunday was our real anniversary so we met our friends at Sumo, they brought their little girl who's josie's BFF. Josie loves the fire, her little friend doesn't, but everyone survived.

We got home and chilled out and watched movies. That night Olive slept straight through from 10 to 4. I woke up at 2 to check on her and couldn't really relax until she woke up for real, that's just the stage we're at.

I got the impression Josie doesn't get anniversaries. We've been to weddings. She definitely gets birthdays, because there are presents involved... eventually maybe she'll grasp the concept that a birthday *is* an anniversary, of when you were born. We're not there yet though.