February 16th, 2013


learning songs from a two year old

Recently I kept hearing Josie singing all kinds of gibberish, usually food-related, to the tune of "mary had a little lamb". Stuff like "weee are cookies cookies cookies cookies!" or whatever. Then something like "we are green beans, green and fine!" emerged but I couldn't really tell for sure if she was saying "green and fine" so I asked her about it, asked if she wanted to sing the green bean song with me and she just looked completely confused and finally said, very strongly, "NO I sing that at SCHOOL!" Like, "how could you possibly know about this mom were you READING MY DIARY?"

where "school" is the church kids group she spends four hours at, twice a week, and it's a huge mystery to me what she learns there because everything gets to me through the filter of her craziness.

So it's not a home song... but it is, because Josie sings constantly and has no power of inner monologue, between the singing and the running commentary on life she can't keep many secrets. This is also how I learned that her and marc watch the simpsons movie a lot during the day, she sings the entire "spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does" song by heart and it's hysterical. someday she'll hear spiderman and think it's a total ripoff.

Last night I hear her breaking into the green bean/mary had a little lamb song again, except this time it's "We are carrots orange and long, orange and long, orange and long!" so now I know there's a vegetable thing going on here, I know two verses, it's a trend! And I bet the green bean verse is right too, I wasn't sure at first because I don't understand a lot of what josie says. I'm batting about 70%, the general public is probably still around 40%. It depends on context, and knowing what's in her head and what she normally talks about, which is why her school lessons are such an adventure to decipher because it's new, not from us, I don't get to know the context, and she won't openly talk about it because apparently school is like fight club or something. But it's in her little brain someplace, leaking out.