December 18th, 2012


my baby's dad

Marc and I always complain about our crazy two-year-old when we talk about her, especially marc who's with her for more of the time, he talks about his schemes to leave her at places (various churches, babysitters, etc) during the week, he's got great stories about what triggers an irrational tantrum THIS time, says he tries to piss her off just for fun.

oh and josie has instinctively learned to start giving him crap, she tells him (and others) that he smells and after her bath she runs down and yells "hey daddy look at my butt!" and stuff like that.

then I'm at home on the weekends and here's what happens every morning: marc and I wake up first, check our internets and have coffee on the couch. eventually we hear this little "thump thump thump" upstairs and hesitant door opening and marc looks at me and says "oh NO what's that!" sets his coffee down, giggles, and runs up the first four stairs and peaks up over the ledge. then I hear josie laughing. the little feet get faster, they meet in the middle of the steps, he scoups her up along with all her blankets and toys she's carrying (she gets out of bed with lots of stuff for some reason). brings her downstairs and says "look what I found!" and we all snuggle on the couch, mostly josie snuggling with her daddy because he's a better at that than me, I guess, and she's just so darn comfy and he's saying "I found a jojo!"

and I'm like "okay. you two? are all talk."