December 2nd, 2012


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Marc got me an ipad for Christmas!  And it's not Christmas yet, but he's not a hold out kinda guy so I have it now, sitting here trying out the lj app (I've got a keyboard, too) as sort of an experiment to see if it really does work as a laptop, plus everything else.  It's not quite 6am yet and I figure this is really the only way I get to play with it, between everybody else wanting to see it last night and Josie being outright obsessed with it.

In Josie's world, everything should be a touchscreen.  She's still upset that she can't just touch our TV to pick a movie she wants or whatever.  It does seem kinda obvious.  So anyway I got the ipad and to be nice to her went ahead and loaded our favorite toddler app on there, doodle buddy, so she could draw for a little bit and she was happy as a clam. (well, I think it's our favorite toddler app.  she also likes angry birds but it's only on marc's phone).

Anyway back to the "make a normal blog entry, just using something different" theme... my normal blog entry for today was going to be about my shops around the internet just in CASE any of you loyal lj readers feel like shopping online and want to support, well, me.

I had a wonderful thing happen in my etsy world lately.  See, last year on Etsy I was averaging about a sale a month, really barely learning.  I think in december, the super busy holiday time, I had like ten sales.  Now I've learned how to list things, take better photos, and most important... what sells!  And the sales are at 3-4 a day, I spend every night packaging stuff to send out in to the world.

This meant I ran out of time to sew.  Well, that, plus my recent health problems, and some just plain burnout... I was suffering.

Then a cool feminist friend of mine said she was doing some volunteer work at WIN... the Wichita Women's Initiative Network (  It's a non profit that helps women transition out of poverty or abusive situations, really cool, I'd bought some stuff from them before actually.  They put together cooking mix kits and sew things like potholders and coasters.  Anyway a lightbulb went off in my head... "a bunch of people looking for work, who SEW?  could they help me?"  I called my friend, she talked to them, they said okay!

ohmigod... a dream come true!  I can outsource!  Except that my little tags that say "handmade in wichita kansas" are all still true, the stuff is handmade in wichita, kansas, just not by me!  And I'm helping a non-profit that's an awesome cause?

Well it took a little doing, I ran some training, taught them to make tiny zipper pouches, there was a bit of a learning curve and some delays.  But just this week I got my first batch of stuff from them where everything looked just perfect.  I knew they'd get it, the three main ladies doing my sewing are smart gals, I took everything home and posted it on etsy just barely in time for holiday shopping season.   And now I'm just more optimistic than I can possibly say.  My poor little shop that used to have 90+ items in it was down to less than a page, I felt so bad.  But now it's all back :)

So that was a lot of intro to talk about WIN helping me, which I'm still so excited about, I am now just the fabric designer/curator and packer/shipper for my shop.

Now for my links....
My etsy shop is here: (use coupon code ZIPOFF for 20% off zipper pouch orders... not fabric, my profit margins aren't as good there, but on the pouches I'm experimenting with higher prices and don't want that to affect my friends)
I also design fabrics on spoonflower:
And finally, cafepress, hasn't changed much this year but oh well: