November 28th, 2012


fetus bits, and other photos that totally weird me out

17 weeks today. I'm very healthy, I haven't been sick this week, I ate well, even went for long walks, want to get back into working out. So now that I get to blog about something besides my health problems, I can get back to typical pregnant woman problems.

Once again I am a weird pregnant woman or a bad mother who hates babies because I am annoyed by ALL THE ULTRASOUNDS that people post online. I still think they all look like clouds. I still think the 3D ones look like creepy butter zombies.

And here's me being just a prude... I think it's inappropriate to post a crotch shot of your fetus to announce it's sex. Am I crazy? I mean this far along, odds are good that it's gonna be a person someday. I wouldn't want my vagina on the internet, anywhere, even if it was my pre-vagina before I was born. Something weirds me about about this.

We also had a mini-talk in a community about "crowning shots" on facebook, ie photos of a baby just about to be emerge out of a vagina and into the world. I had no idea this was on the childbirth photo checklist but apparently it's the thing to do these days. And people were saying it should be totally okay to post online or share with family and friends, because it's not your vagina, it's birth, it's amazing and beautiful.

Actually I would say that it IS your vagina, what's more, it's your vagina in some kind of scary demon state. When I had Josie I was naked, sure, that's how I was comfortable. I also kept my glasses off. I did not really want to see the details. I did not feel like my vagina was beautiful, I felt like it was... necessary? Needed a shower after all this? I was a bit worried about it, it seemed stressed? It never crossed my mind to yell, "You guys totally snap a photo of this for the baby book, we'll put it right by the tiny footprints!"

It's not that I don't love the human body, I do. And heaven knows I've shown mine to people... didn't mind nursing in public, love shedding more than what's legal out on the float trips, let my daughter spend a great deal of her age 12-20 months without clothes (as long as the diaper stayed on, eesh) because she was just excited about her ability to take them off. But there's no photographic evidence of that, especially not on the internet. There's a such thing as "oversharing", and this stuff lasts forever. Even if you're a fetus. Am I nuts?