October 26th, 2012



So... "perigestational hemorage", or "subchorionic hemorrhage", is just some crazy crap mother nature throws in to make pregnancy more exciting and rack up your ER bill, I guess. Blood clots can form in between the layers of the placenta, and it all just comes out at once. Like, at your office.

Today my bleeding is down to light spotting, and I got in to talk with my OB early. She said that based on the fact that it all passed, and we heard a heartbeat again today, there's about a 90% chance this was all just a fluke and everyone is going to be fine. It's not supposed to come with cramping, but since my cramping was mild and some cramping is normal in pregnancy anyway she's not terribly concerned. Just call if it starts back up again, or if I'm light headed.

I got to thinking about "when the ER is necessary" and almost decided that if you're near a blood pressure machine and can get a reading and you're okay, it might mean you're not bleeding to death. Not that I'd try it... the ER got a doctor to see me very quickly last night, which tells me they do take bleeding in early pregnancy kinda seriously. And those initial conversations did seem to confirm my suspicions, that this was a miscarriage, in fact the doctor started offering serious pain meds right off the bat but I said I wanted to wait until we left. Then we saw that ultrasound and she downgraded her offer to tylenol.

Another question on my mind... when you tell an ER nurse you've lost "a lot of blood" what does that mean? I mean my definition and hers are probably quite different... they see people get shot! So just soaking through a few layers of clothes suddenly, I wonder if that doesn't phase them?

I called a friend at work about the chair I bled all over yesterday, and I'm staying home to take it easy today, and see the doctor again a week from monday. I guess my odds are good, again.