October 24th, 2012


more flying with passengers

Last weekend the weather was beautiful and my parents were in town, so I took dad on a scenic flight around Wichita. I told clearance I just wanted to circle around downtown for 15 minutes or so, then come in and do some touch-and-gos because it's been a while since I got in some pure landing practice, and dad got a video of one!

Warning: this isn't a terribly eventful video, it doesn't show either one of US and the audio is, well, just airplane engine. So no evidence that I'm the one flying the plane. You'll have to take my word for it.

Which reminds me... I'm starting up a checklist for newbie passengers because I'm really kicking myself that I got no photos of us, and I also forgot to take a picture of my sister on her first flight with me, it's a trend! and disappointing one! I even posted on AOPA about it to see if other people had a routine they go through with new people, and of course a lot of the pros have VERY official cards or guides or PDFs they print off, zomg.

Heck, I just wanted a reminder to take a picture.

My passenger routine up to now was as follows:

1) Show how to open and close the doors and windows, and have them show me that they know how to do it, in case we crash land someplace.

2) Explain their primary "copilot" job of helping me spot other traffic

3) Tell them not to talk to me during landing or takeoff

4) Have them unplug their mic jack, just to prevent any extra static on the radio

It also occurred to me that I should tell them how to key the radio and talk to tower, in case I have a sudden random stroke or something... a very unlikely event, but based on an episode of Mythbusters tower really can talk you down! So that's on my list to show marc. One of the AOPA guys said he shows passengers how to tune the com to the 121.5 emergency frequency but that seems overwhelming, and besides I'm pretty much always talking to someone, so if you know where the button is they'll take it from there.

Anyway Dad said he had a blast, had no trouble at all with doing multiple landings, and said that once you get used to the motion, walking around on the ground feels different because you're suddenly so stationary, the wind doesn't just push you around like it does in the airplane. And it was funny that we were not the only people just flying circles around Wichita, tower actually had us climb 500 feet to get out of the way of another "tour" in a little plane. The air has really smoothed over since fall kind of hit and the weather is a tad bit cooler, it's a nice time of year to be up.