August 25th, 2012


raining inside

There's this giant crack in the plaster ceiling in our living room, we bought the house with it. That first year, water leaked from it when it rained... AHHH! We obviously couldn't get it fixed before we figured out where the water was coming from. So we did some roof patching. It still leaked... SOMETIMES. Then one day we noticed it was leaking from the second story, through an upstairs closet and down to the area in the living room, ah ha! We patched the roof there, and it hasn't leaked since, this was over a year ago, but I still don't trust it enough to have the plaster fixed because:

1) It never leaked every time before, so maybe the wind just isn't blowing right or the rain isn't torrential enough or something like that.

2) You can't really test your house for leaks during a record-setting drought year.

Anyway, Josie notices it, she'll be sitting on the couch and point up to the crack and say "Jo jo's house broke?" and I'm like honey, get a job and help with this mortgage and then you can complain about the house we got you. eeesh. everybody's a critic.

So last night it finally rained again and a loud crash of thunder woke me up, and I heard that familiar sound of water inside someplace. You lay there and ask, "Is it just outside? Is it dog toenails?" then you go investigate.

The living room was perfectly dry.

But now it was leaking above the stairs, in the totally opposite side of the house, by a window on the stair landing... of COURSE!

This is why I rented for eight years.