June 30th, 2012


why I didn't renew my pandora subscription

I really liked pandora when I started listening to it last year, so much that I decided to pay for it and then I was listening even more. But it was too much. Once I wanted to use it as a daily thing, it stopped working well. And it came time for my annual subscription to renew and I just couldn't pay for it again. I didn't like it enough. In fact, it downright pissed me off so many times I almost wanted to un-pay for some of the later months. Maybe you all can tell me a better service.

What I hate about pandora:

1) Way too repetitive. If I thumbs-up a song that doesn't mean I want to hear it every four hours, it means I want to hear something else like it. I want a setting... no repeats for a week! no repeats for 72 listening hours! something.

2) and don't get me started on their "pet" songs that I swear they work into every station. I guess they assume that no matter who you are or what you're listening to, you want to hear "Over the rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. And I do like that song... well, I mean, I did. Same with New Soul by Yael Naim... it's just quirky and not-mainstream enough that it sounds novel when you first hear it, but after 500 times you're like okay THANK YOU PANDORA I GET THE POINT.

3) Never could teach pandora what a "broadway musical" was. I'd put in a musical, then I'd have to be super trigger-happy with the thumbs down button while it assumed that disney movie soundtracks or GLEE remake crap was the genre I was aiming for. Then finally it would be like "okay, she liked camelot and les mis... LETS JUST PLAY CAMELOT AND LES MIS." wrong. bad pandora. no.

Years ago I had a music collection from itunes with a zillion songs, but they were all lost when my hard drive died, except for a few favorites I'd backed up, it was just too cumbersome to back up everything. And really, I never needed to *own* the songs, I just wanted something to listen to. that's always the goal. it's just been sort of messy.