May 28th, 2012


camping for three

A few weeks ago mom and dad said they were coming down for memorial day weekend and I was like, "but we were going to go on a camping trip..." then suddenly a HUGE LIGHT BULB went on over my head and I said, "I mean, that's great because MARC AND I are going on a camping trip!" hellz yeah! actually it'd be great practice... only one night, we'd only be a couple hours away, and we have longer trips planned for this summer so we figure it'd be a nice warmup for future josie overnights with grandma and grandpa.

we agreed to take the dog though. they weren't up for watching the baby AND the dog, and given the choice we'd rather take the one that you can tie up to a tree. I was a little worried about how judy would do because she's a crazy puppy who doesn't listen but we'd take our chances.

oddly enough, for all the shit I talk on judy, she was great at the campsite. she was unleashed most of the time and just hung out right around the camp, sniffing everything. she was sometimes egging on other dogs in our group of friends... judy wants to be friends with every dog, a dog will be snarling at her and showing teeth and she'll just be bounding around, tail wagging like crazy, oblivious to the fact that there's not love both ways happening here.

we met friends, we tried not to talk too much about the baby. we swam in toronto lake and made campfire smores and had margaritas and took the dog on long walks. she was fine in the car and took a looong nap when we got home. the only thing she hated was water! my friend's little chihuahua mix jumped in the lake and paddled his little heart out, but judy was like "HELL NO", she refused to go near the water and barely tolerated the beach when I tried the "we're just gonna hang out here until you're okay with it" strategy, I sat calmly and she sat calmly and as soon as I got up she was dragging the leash back to camp. so, okay, no swimming. but she loved everything else about being in the woods and was so surprisingly good, I loved having her there.

and josie barely missed us, apparently! grandpa took her on long walks, grandma narrated and let her help with whatever she was doing around the house. they even started understanding josie's context-necessary language skills. not only did she not cry when we left, she didn't even ask about us the whole time we were gone. she even went to bed after nothing more than a kiss goodnight.

then tonight, after they'd gone, I found her coming down the stairs holding her baby doll and the play milk and juice bottles saying "amma? papa?" and I had to explain sorry kid, the fanclub is gone. back to just us. we will try our best to be as thrilled with the "magic juice" as grandma is but it won't be the same.