April 29th, 2012


long weekend

Man I have been lazy about the lj-ing lately.

This weekend I took a couple days off and went to Topeka for a few days with Josie. We went to the SB142 protest rally and saw some old hippie gay rights activists friends, that was nice. We spent a night with my mom and dad, then the next day I got some alone time shoe-shopping done. There was the annual benefit art auction that my sister helps out with. Kansas Discovery Center the next day, tasty lunch at the mexican buffet at Casa's.

Josie's running dialog of everything that happens is now probably 25% real words, 80% josie gibberish, 5% DRAMA sprinkled in for funzies. Mom came running in the other night because Josie and I had been getting ready and she hears Josie screaming at the top of her lungs and figured she'd fallen off something terrible, it was the "I'm in awful pain" cry, you know? But she wasn't in any pain, I'd just told her that she could not wear her dora pajamas to the art auction.

When we did get to the auction she had a pretty good time, she was clingy at first but then she found out where the toddler-reachable snack tables were, gorged herself on grapes and cherry tomatoes, and the people at the bar were even letting her take cups from the stack by the water cooler then stand on her tiptoes to fill them with ice water herself, she LOVED that. She was happy until like 10 pm, we went home and she curled up by me in the full size bed in my sister's guest room and we were both asleep in seconds. At least sleeping is easy, if she can just run 500 laps around a warehouse.