February 5th, 2012


the pink/blue baby industry racket

Do you know why baby stuff comes in PINK FOR GIRLS and BLUE FOR BOYS and never the two shall meet?

Part of it is society putting kids into gender role boxes before they can talk, and that's bullshit.

But most of it is a marketing scheme. Manufacturers love separating demographics. They REALLY love the idea that a family with both boy and girl children will have to buy twice as many things.

I see it all the time in pregnant... people saying things like, "I know you're not supposed to get a baby shower for your second baby, but our first was a girl and everything we own is pink so we have to have another now that we know we're having a boy!" Good job, winners.

I've even been to baby showers like this. Not enthusiastically, I might add. So here's a news flash: A newborn baby has no clue that the pink or blue onesie you put him in means something. For that matter, neither does a two-year-old. They don't care what color the popcorn push toy is, just that it makes fun popcorn noises. I'll even test this for all of you... my daughter wears clothes from the boy section all the time and so far she's fine. If we have a boy, he will wear her tennis shoes with the pink swoosh, because that's what we have for fives. I bet he'll be fine.

Kids will, however, start learning what identity you "expect" of them, very early on. If you teach your daughter that she can only play with pink toys, she won't ask for cars for Christmas. You won't notice it happening because it's gradual, but if that's your mindset, that's what's going to happen.

Stop supporting the marketing scheme that says boys and girls have to live in different worlds. It's materialistic. It's bad for kids. And it makes you look stupid for buying into all of it.