December 19th, 2011


craft fair notes

So yesterday's ICT Winter Bazaar was a success, we had streams of people through our booth! I sold about $150 worth of stuff, which I'd call okay.

Random things I learned, in no particular order:

1) Say where you're from. The fair was for "local" artists which apparently for some means Iowa (you know, the traveling artists) so telling people we were from Wichita made a big difference. Signs would have been even better.

2) If you're selling something that requires pop culture knowledge, like for example a boba fett zipper pouch, put that detail on the hang tag. Someone might buy it for a star wars fan without knowing anything about star wars. And NOTHING kills a sale worse than someone exclaiming "Oh look a storm trouper!" and their friend rolling their eyes and calling them an idiot, everyone involved just wants to disappear from your booth.

3) Speaking of zipper pouches, I learned WAY too late in the show that they should be unzipped. People just don't unzip things. So they won't know about the cool lining or pockets, it can't catch their eye, boo.

4) I thought price tags would be an annoying pain so I just made signs... "zipper pouches $8". I heard that was a great idea. I still think it is, but so are price tags. But I learned that if you have a big basket of stuff, you don't have to price every item, just like every fifth item... as long as people see some price, somewhere, they'll feel like they're in the know.

5) That squareup credit card reader for iphone is so darn nifty I can't even say.

6) Freaking fabric badge lanyards - they don't sell on etsy, they don't sell at craft fairs. Fine! My badge lanyard making days are done.

7) But fabric headbands - they don't sell on etsy, they DO sell at craft fairs! Yay!

8) Bring food.

9) Bring business cards.

10) Have friends. Sharing that booth made the whole event so much more fun because we celebrated each other's sales, and my friend Alecia, whose etsy shop is surely decimated now, made a killing!

11) Dress in removable layers. It got hot in there with the crowd!

Anyway it was a fun time, and worth it, I'd do it again next year.