November 16th, 2011


my wisdom teeth

My dentist advised me to get my wisdom teeth out. I told him no thanks. I realize I've been on a "trust science, trust doctors" bit lately and he's the second dentist to hint that wisdom teeth are just things that need to come out... I disagree. His reason is, basically, that extra bacteria builds up around them because nobody flosses that far back properly. I don't understand that reason. I mean I have a weird little toenail on my pinky toe that's really hard to paint, I'm not gonna get it yanked off, right?

What brought this up is that my xrays show my wisdom teeth kinda falling out of my face. I only have top ones, the bottom ones just didn't come in, I guess I'm not that wise. The top ones came in just fine and have never bothered me. But without bottom teeth to put pressure on them, they're descending a little, creating more space between the teeth that could lead to gum problems.

Getting wisdom teeth taken out, I told him, is not something you do for fun on a weekend! I've talked to many people about the experience and exactly zero of them have said "yeah it was a total blast I wish I could do it again". So if my teeth aren't giving me problems, why have surgery here?

The hygienist was actually the one who told me "He's recommending that you get them taken out." I was like, when, in the next five years? She said "Maybe the next six months?" I had to talk to him, brought up more concerns, and promised to floss more. I'm going to do some googling but unless I learn something important I have no intention of having them taken out. He wasn't terribly freaked out, so okay.

I'm really dumbfounded by all this. Granted, most people I've talked to had actual problems with their wisdom teeth, that's why they had to come out... maybe if I knew someone who had them out just because their dentist had a hunch about it, I'd be more inclined to believe him? Maybe so many people have problems, the world of dentistry doesn't know how to handle people like me who just got wisdom teeth and it was no biggie?