September 17th, 2011


I want a dog

I've always talked like I wanted a dog. I got to live with one once, my roommate's golden retriever, and he was great. He was funny and entertaining and comforting. But the best part was, I didn't have to take care of him! I got to pet him, but I never paid vet bills, picked up poop in the yard, or worried about who'd take care of him if I wanted to take off for the weekend. That's the part I'm having trouble pulling the trigger on. That makes me feel so old saying that! Like I'm the downer telling a kid she can't have a puppy... and I am, in ways, still a kid who wants a puppy! But this weekend we're going to my sister's house for this huge party, and then in early October we've got this wedding up in KC... everything feels complicated! What do people do with pets when they run around? I'm totally confused.

We're also so confused about what kind of dog to get. It needs to be good with kids. It needs to be toddler-sturdy... no little fragile thing that will break a leg if Josie trips on it. And most important, it needs to NOT EAT GUINEA PIGS. I still really like the guinea pigs, I'd like to keep them in their open pen which is elevated but that just makes it look even more like a banquet table. We can put a top on it for a while, but when it comes to cleaning the cage and daily maintenance a permanent top just isn't practical.

So we were looking at dachshunds but heard they're too neurotic for kids, then beagles but we heard they're not very smart and howl all the time, then basset hounds but we heard they smell.

I decided I didn't care, found a basset hound rescue in the area but found out the dogs are actually fostered an hour away, and got nervous about driving all the way out there.

Then we learned about the Lucky Dog program, where dogs spend time with convicts and you're presented with a rescued but perfectly trained dog, but that's out it Hutch which is also an hour away. That's a lot of driving for an after work trip just to check out some dogs!

We went to humane society last weekend but I was so indecisive and torn that I just wasn't motivated to like any of the dogs. After all these calls and decisions and undoing decisions, I've lost my enthusiasm for the whole idea. Maybe that's just a sign that, once again, the time isn't right for me to be a dog owner.

I'm almost wishing the dog worked like the baby thing, where you don't like go GET one, it just sort of shows up one day, you don't feel like you're making a conscious decision about it because so much gets left to chance. Yeah I know that sounds crazy.