August 27th, 2011


HTML hexadecimal colors that are also English words

Marc told me it'd actually be easier for him to put the baby down for a nap if she wasn't so distracted by me, so I'm hiding in the basement wasting time.

And that's why I compiled this list of HTML hexadecimal colors that are also English words. You know, in case you or I ever need it.

(someone in thequestionclub asked what you do if you're bored at work. Most people said "surf the internet" or "chat rooms" or something. But if you know a little about regular expressions you end up doing crap like this.)
  • accede
  • baccae
  • baffed
  • beaded
  • bedded
  • beebee
  • beefed
  • cabbed
  • dabbed
  • daffed
  • decade
  • deeded
  • deface
  • efface
  • facade
  • aba
  • ace
  • add
  • aff
  • baa
  • bad
  • bed
  • bee
  • cab
  • cad
  • cee
  • dab
  • dad
  • deb
  • dee
  • def
  • ebb
  • eff
  • fab
  • fad
  • fed
  • fee
And by request, here are words if you think a "0" qualifies as the letter "o": Collapse )