July 7th, 2011


311 concert

Last night 311 played downtown and marc and I went. It was a blast! I took vacation today, because half the office is out this week so we're already not getting a ton of work done, and I wanted to make sure I could stay out late and not worry about getting up for work. We were home by 11, I probably would have been fine, but this is nice just having a play day.

It was such a fun concert. Marc's seen 311 like three times, in Atlanta and in New Orleans, but never in at a little outdoor Wichita space where we could get pretty darn close no problem. Ran into a guy from work who's seen 311 SIX times. I guess this band just loves to tour.

We had a couple beers, spent some time sitting down, got up and danced a lot. We'd hang out in the crowd until we got tired of inhaling marijuana smoke then move back, run into friends, walk around. Incidentally "Who's got the herb" was conspicuously missing from the set last night, people were yelling about that, but they played all the other songs I know and some new ones. They've got an album coming out in a month or so.

The crowd was a funny mix. It was mostly people my age, but a lot of high schoolers, who were likely born the same year Down came out you know that? That blue album is 16 years old, ha. There were couple my parents' age too, singing right along with all of us.

A friend hung out at our house and watched Josie, who was totally happy and playful and conked out on the couch by the time we got home. We've got to start leaving her with more sitters, it was really nice to be out. I was happy to see her when we got back. We picked her up and snuggled her and all went to bed.