June 25th, 2011


the abandoned daily mnemonic

So I know this can't be a huge shocker, but I lost my motivation to update the daily mnemonic. I had that initial "wheee fun project!" but it went away quickly.

I'm a big believer in the fact that you have time for the things you want to have time for. "I'm a busy new mom" is no excuse for abandoning this project... there are plenty of projects (like this livejournal!) that I somehow manage to dig up time for. The daily mnemonic lost my interest for other reasons.

I gotta kinda blame blogger! I'm constantly frustrated by the gaping void of statistics on livejournal... I have no idea how people find my entries here through search engines or if they do, I don't know if my number of readers has gone up or down over time, I don't know what entries are popular. Blogger, on the other hand, is owned by google and rains statistics on you. You see this PULSE of how you're DOING constantly.

It sounded nice at first, but then it got weird. Because suddenly I felt like I was chasing this goal. I couldn't just blog for the sake of blogging, I had to be all competitive about it, like I was being publicly traded like a stock.

Also, having an "interesting topic" sort of blog made me feel like I was just contributing more content to the content machine that is the internet. Especially with mnemonics... just random words. Combinations that maybe no one's thought of, but not because they're creative, just because they're not that important.

So that was my experience. 50 posts, and now I can't find motivation to make any more. It could happen again, I could pick it back up whenever, I'm just not sure I will. Once the novelty wore off I just didn't feel very valuable.