June 9th, 2011


happy birthday, spacebaby!

Yesterday I took a vacation day for Josephine's play group "graduation". All year Marc's been taking her to this group at the hospital where she was born, it's for babies under one year. I went during maternity leave. I made friends, I wanted to see them again. We had lunch afterwards at our house.

One of our friends made Josie a tutu for her birthday! She was a bit skeptical.

I've been looking back at old photos, and in honor of Jo's birthday wanted to post a "what a long strange trip it's been" montage. We'll go backwards. It's insane, how fast she's grown, how fast this year's gone by, how she went from a "lay there" newborn to a "running around the house" toddler. She's tripled her birthweight and added nearly 10 inches to her height. Totally normal baby, I know, but it just blows me away.

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