January 7th, 2011


who comments on this journal

Saw this meme that beunydd posted and I had to do it. This is a graph of who posts replies in my journal... I drew from the last 500 replies.

The top 10 consists of all women. Smart women, too! They're all women in engineering, science or medicine, except for humaazul who's in law school.

The only men in the top 20 are airplane men: ricknm505 & neuro42.

"Anonymous" is probably my mother, at least 80% of the time.

amy0catherine, litlebanana, undonebeauty are the experienced moms giving me advice. aliki, smittenbyu, magnio, rottenfruit & jackiechloe are winging it just like me, admit it ladies.

humaazul, amy0catherine, and circe811 are real life friends I knew before I friended them on lj.

mrs_dragon & aliki are lj friends I've met in real life.

I cut this list down to the top 50 top posters. I feel good, because pretty much every name on here is something I recognize, know something about, and appreciate. Livejournal is so awesome like that. Here's to you all, friends!

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