December 30th, 2010



Yesterday Marc saw a mouse in our kitchen. He named it "Shady".

AAARGH SO WE HAVE MICE! I don't care if this is the only mouse we've seen, we haven't seen droppings anywhere, food seems untouched... I know when to start a mouse war. One mouse has to be taken seriously. We do not mess around. Mice are fuckers.

So we laid traps... two snap traps and two live traps, all baited with peanut butter. we'll see which ones bring results. We've also moved all food, including pet food, off floor level onto high shelves. The only thing in the bottom cabinets is canned goods.

We didn't catch any mice last night.

I hate mice so much. I kind of have an irrational fear that sets in when I see them too... I'm not good at handling mice in traps. In fact I'm sort of paralyzed and can't do anything. I swear if I ever lived alone and had a mouse issue, I'd probably just have to move.

We have a cat who lives outside and is always around our house, I thought he might help with any issues like this? Might just have to invite that guy in for a night... except I'd have to ask the neighbors first since he's their cat and they already bring him in at night so it'd be weird if we stole him. The cat is always hanging out under our front porch or behind our garage, and that makes me happy.