December 27th, 2010


our christmas

Christmas was very calm this year. We had my family down the weekend before, so for Christmas eve we had nobody, and Christmas day was a few hours with Marc's family.

We went to church on Christmas eve. I always thought 5:30 services were the ones to avoid, because there are always a million little kids running around and it's crazy. But now we have a little kid! So guess where I was at 5:30? Jo was a little angel though, smiling at the people around us and delighting when the lights were down and we were just in a sea of little glowing candles.

On the way home she fell asleep in the car which was awesome, Marc and I took the time to drive around and look at Christmas lights! We live in a very cool old neighborhood for it, too. It was fun.

On Christmas morning we woke up at our normal time of like 5am. Oh it might have been six. We didn't get Josie presents because we figured she'd get plenty from her grandparents and all that, but she loved helping us open our presents for each other. I got Marc and new coat, and gave it to him Christmas Eve so he could wear it to church. I also got him a guinea pig calendar. He got me a cup warmer, a pack of fancy pattern-y scissors, and Scrabble Slam. We played it, it was fun, haven't had time to play it again since.

We put a ham in the oven and marc's parents and two of their friends came over for dinner in the afternoon. Jo was pretty well-behaved but not loving the strangers, as usual. It's an obnoxious phase she's going through. At least she treats both sets of grandparents with equal ambivalence. I tried telling them that if I could sneak out and then she didn't see me, she'd be okay, but her grandpa kept carrying her around and he'd see me in the kitchen and say, "Oh look there's your mama!" and then keep walking away and she'd FREAK. So I did very little cooking.

She did nap pretty well a few times though, and she was happy in her high chair with us for dinner for a while.

It was a nice Christmas. It was cold out, and weird that we haven't had ANY snow. But for the first time in forever I didn't travel anywhere and I could totally get used to it! Well, next year we know we're traveling already. But in the future, we might be able to set up more not-travel years, it could be fun.