December 23rd, 2010


have baby, need a padded room

Josephine is very good at moving forward now. She pushes up on all fours, then lunges forward and flops down on the floor. It's more efficient than it sounds, really!

All the face-first flopping is usually no big deal because it's just carpet, or her play quilts... unfortunately last weekend she managed to get to the coffee table and face plant into that. It wasn't as soft. Oh and to make it all better I was sitting on the floor with her when she did it, I just sort of managed to not be paying attention in that second.

So now she has a nasty bruise on her cheek. It's a constant visual to make me feel like a horrible mother.

At least she wasn't too bothered by it. She always screams when she bumps her head, turns the tears on, makes a huge deal... but as soon as you pick her up she's cool. Just needs a little love. Then she's back to her face-planting self, even with a bruise there.

Her dad throws her around all day to make her laugh. It's ridiculous. You can tell she's used to it, he picks her up and flips her upside-down or throws her over his shoulder like a bag, and she just cackles with delight. I should probably learn to deal with the fact that she'll be a fearless kid someday, and this will not be her only bruise.

Until then, the coffee table base is surrounded by pillows and quilts.

Crazy kid.