December 12th, 2010


fixed lappy!

here's something I never updated the world on: I never bought a new laptop. we brought the G4 back from the dead... or should I say, marc did it. yay! I was still conflicted to the point of being totally neurotic and couldn't make any decision either way, so finally he bought a hard drive from our friend for $10 and put it in for me. Along with that I upgraded to OS 10.4.

why was I paralyzed with indecision when the hard drive died? well, mostly I just know that someday I'll need something different here. I miscalculated in my earlier entries about the age of this thing, looking back in the lj I found out I bought this thing in 2004, not 2005! so I've been rocking the powerbook for six years!

I'm a geek who loves technology, but my desire for cool gadgets has to fight with my other traits: cheapness is one. Distaste for material acquisitions is another. I mean, I just don't like stuff cluttering up my life, I hate how much American consumes. I want to be smart and educated but I don't want to fill landfills with the "second biggest thing this year", every year. It makes me feel guilty.

My cell phone is a Motorola Razor. I know. I'm the last person on earth without a smart phone. Or if that's not true, it's almost certain I'm the only person on twitter without a smart phone.

Marc's action was partially motivated by love and partially motivated by self-preservation, because when my laptop died I was always waiting around to use his. I told myself that if I felt like I needed my own laptop for uninhibited internet time, it might be a sign that I need the internet too much. I mean I've got a baby now, shouldn't I be paying attention to the baby? Paralyzing factor #1723.

maybe that all makes me just a wannabe geek after all.

oh, and instead of feeling paralyzed by indecision, I now feel super guilty that my husband fixed my computer. Could any event happen that doesn't make me a basket case?