November 19th, 2010


lunch out

My coworkers aren't "go out to lunch" people... but the group next to us is. A few times I've invited myself out to go with them. I'm not their only outsider to join them for lunch, and they always seem happy to have me, and we have good talks.

But they never invite me, I always have to hint that I'd like to join them. I can't decide if that's because they're engineers and not too great at the social skills, or if they'd secretly really like to keep it to their own group?

Maybe I should be better at getting my group to go out. Not all the time, just once a week, like on Fridays. We make it happen like four times a year or something. My group is a little more diverse though... different ages, different personalities. We work together well but we'll never all be friends.

Nah, I feel like I get along with the group next door, I just wish they wouldn't walk right past my desk on their way out without noticing me. I've invited myself along with them enough times that I feel established as a "go out" kinda person, not someone who's too busy or loves eating at her desk.

Oh and of course, deep down, I always wonder if it's because I'm a girl. Yeah I know after eight years I should be over that sort of thing but it's hard to shake.