November 16th, 2010


I have nothing brilliant to write about, just felt like updating.

I got a flu shot today. My arm hurts.

It's been cold out. I broke out the winter coat. I'm pretty bummed about it.

Marc did really well on his diet last week, he's definitely craving some foods on the "no" list but he's sticking to the plan. I'm proud of him. Normally when I'm proud of him I want to do something nice... like bake him cookies, or take him out to dinner. These are obviously not good options. Maybe that's part of his problem.

I tried to take pictures of Josie for our Christmas cards. We had lighting issues... I'll try again next weekend. Marc says there's no cool way to do a "newsletter" Christmas card... when he put it that way I agree with him. I had thought for a while about writing on of those letters about what happened to us this year, because there was so much with the house and finishing my pilot license and the baby. But Marc said, "People who know us know about that stuff, people who don't know us will just think we're bragging about our awesome life." Point taken. So anyway, first attempt at the baby photo. She was in a good mood and we got some smiley happy ones but for some reason my favorites are always the absurdly ridiculous like this: