November 2nd, 2010


baby notes

Here are things from everyday life that make me think of Josie:

1. The stock market. For the past two nights the baby has slept straight from 9 or 10 at night until 5am. This sort of thing used to make us feel optimistic, like "oh now she sleeps through the night!" Then it made us strategic, "what can we do to re-create this?" But now I know infant sleep trends aren't a straight line... you can't control or predict them, just know that things will probably steadily improve. We hope.

2. Measuring cups. Josie has an eating strategy: eat forever, then epic-spit up! Like taking a heap of flour out of the bin and leveling it off with a butter knife.

3. Arcade games. She likes to grab at things and pull them into her mouth but still has not-so-great control of her hands. Her life is one big awkward claw game, with nothing ever oriented the right way, everything too light or too heavy.

The only thing she's good at controlling are people's fingers. People go with it, she's cute so they let their hands go where she wants them. But she's got teeth now! She's dangerous, she'll maintain perfect eye contact with the most loving expression until CHOMP... no more fingers. New teeth are freaking sharp!

watch for pandas...