October 31st, 2010


halloween parties and adventures

I think my laptop might have died. It started making some HORRIBLE sounds, like a cd drive trying to read a weasel. except it might have been coming from the hard drive "area". Then when I tried to restart it, instead of restarting it just showed a little icon with that split-faced mac icon, then a question mark. and that's what it does.

It's a five-year-old powerbook G4, I think maybe its time has just come. I was preparing. We had all our photos saved on a backup server. I didn't have the mp3s off yet but I don't feel a huge loss there, I rarely just listen to mp3s anymore. but still. sad face.

Besides that it's been a lovely halloween. Last night I went to a party at @stephbarnard's place and had some good conversation with some really nice people, some of whom I didn't even know before. The best part: I was there by myself! Marc's DJ gig was cancelled so he stayed home with the baby while I went. Our halloween eve schedule went like this:

1) Family party at my coworker's house, brought the baby, ate dinner.
2) Headed home at 8:00. Nursed the baby one last good time. Went to steph's
3) Left at 11:00 so Marc could go to a party he wanted to visit at. Baby was already asleep, she went to sleep after having a bottle of expressed milk.

I slept well, Josie woke up at 3 and then 8am.

Today was actual halloween. We went to church in the morning, then returned for the church halloween carnival just to walk around. Came home and all three of us took a nap for like an hour and a half.

We apparently live in a perfect area of Wichita to NOT get trick-or-treaters. hoover damn! there's an area in the middle of College Hill where people go all out, put up these giant insane displays, and everyone drives in from miles around to trick-or-treat there. There are lines at every house and the streets are flooded with families in costumes! Okay so yeah we live about five blocks from that, and there's a busy road between us and them. So people in our neighborhood will go cross the road to go to the big fun street, but no one from the big street ventures this far out. I'm kinda sad about it.

But we loaded Josie in her stroller and walked around and had a good time seeing the sights anyway. And we still got a handful of trick-or-treaters... like four? I shoved candy at them because we'd bought way too much! One good thing about working in a big office is that I have a place to get rid of it after halloween's over, but still, I'm sad we don't get many kids here.