October 30th, 2010


facebook family fun

Marc's gotten to be facebook friends with some of the moms at the playgroup he goes to, which leads to good stuff like this:

Ah, the man.

I'm picky about who I friend on facebook. On Twitter and Livejournal I just want to be friends with everybody, it's a big fun party and we can all ride together, right? But on facebook I just want to use it to connect with a few people I care about, so I have like 100 friends.

But Marc uses his facebook to promote his DJ gigs, so the more the merrier! And it's not all club people either, it's just whoever he finds.

He's friends with my whole family, including my aunts, which has been a mess lately. Oh yeah, I totally got him in trouble! Josie was fussing her head off one night before bedtime, and I remarked that "her panda jammies say 'hug me'" and marc says, "Yeah, but the rest of her says fuck off!" I said that was pretty damn funny and should go on facebook.

Oh DRAMA! My aunt was like "how could you use that word to talk about your precious gift josie?" First off: if you've ever been around a baby, you'll know there are times when they are precious gifts and there are times when they are... not. I mean deep down inside I always love Josie but we have our low points. If you don't believe me, I'll pay someone to wake you up every 2-5 hours for four months straight, and we'll see if you can call it "precious".

She was also like, "You shouldn't use that word with Spacefem's little cousins being on facebook!" I say if my little cousins are old enough for internet, they're old enough to know about the f-word. In fact I think the youngest is like 13, and I remember being 13. Hell I remember being 10 and saying "fuck" because it really shocked the hell out of my little sister and always got her to run away. Horrible I know, but true. I didn't have the internet, but somehow I still knew about the f-word. In fact if I'd seen my distant older cousins-by-marriage using the word on the internet, I probably would have said it less, I wouldn't have thought it was such a big deal.

I stayed out of the whole debate. I don't want Marc to piss off my aunts because I like family peace, but come on people, telling a grown man to tone down his facebook for your kids? There's a "hide" button on every post.