October 17th, 2010



There's this squirrel by our house who's been working his fuzzy little tail off lately. He runs across the fence on the side of our lawn, then later we see him come back the other way with a mouth full of nuts. It's the side of our house by the kitchen and dining room windows... we don't hang out in these rooms. We just happen to be in there sometimes. Yet we still notice this squirrel on his run, five or six times a day. He must be taking a lot of trips. I watched him out the back window once this week, and after he got to the end of our fence with the nuts he turned and ran across the back of the neighbor's fence, away from us, down between the yards.

My brother-in-law says that squirrels are funny because they often forget where their stashes of nuts are, but it works out because all these squirrels everywhere are stashing them in various places. So if a squirrel forgets where his stash is, he'll find someone else's. And someone else will find his.

Is there an economic system like this? "Serendipity communism", maybe?

I wonder how animals find the motivation to get ready for winter... I'm certainly depressed about it. On November 1 I will get out my sweaters that I packed away in the cedar closet downstairs, because our bedroom closets are all too tiny to house a year's worth of clothes. That's also when I'll switch the bed to flannel sheets. That's all the prep I can handle.