October 11th, 2010


the nursery goes spacey

Last weekend we went to Jabara's to buy a carpet for Jo's room... something simple, just to muffle the creaky floor and make things feel a little warmer (our house is all hardwood floors).

We were going to get just a remnant... something neutral and light colored. But we didn't, because they had this:

It's too much, I know!

It's also sort of a "stick it to the man" view of the solar system because it's got Pluto on there as a planet. I'll have to explain that one later. I'm also not crazy about how huge the moon label is, I'll have to explain that the moon is also not a planet. But the asteroid belt is added points, yes?

Anyway, spacebaby approves:

Her room has really been a work in progress... I keep wanting to post a big thing about it because it's been so much fun, but I keep thinking of stuff to add to it! Plus it's evolved like twenty times... I got her some airplane stuff, but then decided scary monsters would be a cute thing, then it evolved to monsters & aliens, then rocket ships + airplanes = "things in the sky"... now I guess it's just whatever I think is awesome. I have more photos here: http://picasaweb.google.com/spacefem/SpaceAlienNursery#

I think normal women get the urge to fix up the nursery when they're pregnant, so the arrival of the baby is sort of a deadline? I didn't do jack when I was pregnant. So I guess I'll just work on this forever. It's a blast, I have to admit it... I personally have always wanted a space room and now I really get to live vicariously through my baby.

Plus fortune just keeps smiling on me... when I first went for the alien thing I wasn't finding stuff everywhere for it, but lately things are just falling into place. I spent a recent weekend with ms. a making these curtains out of fabric that her mom randomly found in Michigan... it's perfect! I mean, practically a sign that this room is supposed to be so adorably awesome, right?