October 9th, 2010


city driving

I can no longer be a passenger in a car with a normal driver, i've noticed. I've ridden with Marc way too much. Last week a coworker was driving me to lunch and I had to bite my tongue the whole time to keep from saying stuff like OHMIGOD WOULD YOU STEP ON IT YOU COULD HAVE MADE THAT TURN AND LIKE FIVE MORE or WE'RE GOING TO MISS EVERY GREEN LIGHT IF YOU DON'T PASS SOMEONE, ANYONE, GAAAAH!!!

Marc is an interesting driver. He doesn't necessarily speed, he just likes to make quick turns and he's good at getting out in traffic and finding gaps and things like that. It might be his personality, there's not much in life he holds back on. It might be because he lived in Atlanta for six years and if you're not an aggressive driver there, you'll never get anywhere. I personally felt like I was going to DIE every time we drove in Atlanta, but I've heard that's normal. And the third thing that probably made Marc a crazy driver was his job delivering pizzas during summers off from college. Everyone knows pizza delivery guys are nuts like that... Marc has stories about delivering in a tornado, or getting people their pizzas after being in an accident that he didn't cause but was still involved in and either way it's a mark against you as a delivery guy... it was an adventure.

Anyway I remember being really pregnant and feeling the baby move up on one side of me when Marc was driving. He's probably ruined Josie for normal driving too... I don't know if this is a baby thing or what but she gets mad when we're at a red light or even a smooth highway. She needs bumpy roads and quick turns to calm down.

Marc once told a friend in Dallas to "just close your eyes and step on the accelerator when I tell you to, I gotcha!" I was once driving on 435 in Kansas City and stuck between some cars and he said, "the problem is that you keep taking your foot off the accelerator".

Wichita is a bad place to live if you're a driver who likes to get someplace, because people in Wichita SUCK at driving. There's just enough traffic that you need some skills, but not enough traffic that you get good at anything. So you can tell people who learned to drive here because they suck. They don't use turn lanes, just stop in the road and everyone has to stop behind them. If they feel like the highway is a little crowded, they'll stop at the top of the on-ramp (YES, OMG!!) and wait for a bigger gap rather than be crafty about merging in.

Maybe that was the problem with my coworker? Wichita driver who can't get after it? I don't know if Marc (and now, his most common passengers) are abnormal for everywhere, or normal for everywhere and Wichita isn't right.