October 6th, 2010


our first zoo trip

Two Saturdays ago we took baby jo to the zoo:

It was a Plan B sort of thing... we set out to go to the airshow! But me and airshow don't get along, hate to say it people but I have a bad history with our big one in Wichita. When I first moved here I tried to go, and had fun until there was a "security issue in the parking lot" towards the end and the folks in charge closed all the gates and wouldn't let anyone leave (this is on a military base). So when the gates opened, everyone was trying to leave at THE SAME TIME. The kids directing traffic weren't encouraging people to form nice organized lines, it was just a mob of cars trying to get out on exit. So we sat in this field for two hours. Flash forward to 2010: I was excited to go, wanted to go, but when traffic was backed up on Rock road for five miles and the baby started getting fussy, we decided to bail. There were more cars turning away than seemed to be getting anywhere... I felt hopeless. I was depressed about it but what can you do?

Later in the day it rained so they canceled the Thunderbirds anyway. That was some consolation.

Since we were dressed and out and I was sunscreened up, so we wanted to go someplace, so zoo it was! And it was a fun day. Josie didn't care much about anything, to her it was just another stroller ride, but Marc and I liked getting out and walking in the nice weather.

Here's a few more photos... Collapse )