September 22nd, 2010


me & the IUD: part I

I made an appointment to get a hormonal IUD in a few weeks. I'm really nervous about it, and procrastinated like crazy before making the appointment. It's one of those things that feels like a right, logical thing to do... but something in me feels reluctant. I'm nervous because it sounds like a PROCEDURE to get it put in, even though I've read dozens of postings from women who are like, "eh, I was crampy for a day." I wonder if it's worth it, because I'm probably not going to leave it in for a full five years, just two or three.

And you want to know something? I feel weird about shutting down this reproductive system that's given me something as awesome as baby Jo. I was just telling Marc the other day that I have this odd pull about babies all the sudden... it's got to be hormonal. I'm seriously looking forward to having another baby now more than I was a year ago when we were trying to have a baby! Maybe part of it is because everything went so well for me... I was way more scared of pregnancy and childbirth than I needed to be. And there are all these friends of mine who had to work so hard to have their babies, with years of trying or major fertility treatments, and I'm going to work to NOT have a baby? I call that one the "Duggar Syndrome"... the feeling like children are a gift from God so you must have ALL YOU CAN. It's flawed, of course... just like the idea that since there are starving children elsewhere in the world, you should overeat. But it's there.

Okay so that's the crazy in me, here's the logic: they say your odds of having a healthy baby and pregnancy are higher if you wait a good 18-24 months before getting pregnant again. Your body has all its "stores" back up, you're recovered, you're normal. Your life is definitely easier... multiple kids in diapers is a recipe for insanity, if I'm going to return to the circus of baby that I've experienced this past summer, it'd be good if Josie was a little self-sufficient.

Marc is not the least bit conflicted. He loves Jo every bit as much as I do, but if I told him I was pregnant again right now I think he'd jump off a bridge. He wants something reliable in place to make sure we wait YEARS. So when I look at the options, I like the IUD best. Very few side effects, low hormones, incredibly reliable, nothing to think about. And cost-efficient... since I already blew through my insurance deductible, getting an IUD will cost me a big $0! If I go with some kind of prescription, I'll be paying for it next year and the year after that and so on.

I just need to not be a wus about it. I know it's a good idea. So here we go.