September 18th, 2010


baby update

14 weeks (3.3 months) old, 16.8 pounds. Still cute:

I think Jo's outgrowing her bassinet. We find her every night with her face pressed up against the mesh sides, it seems to be her preferred method of sleeping. How she ooches over there while still tightly swaddled is beyond me but she manages. In fact she's been "moving" more in general... she seems to have three exciting modes of not-terribly-effective yet noticable transportation:

1) Twisting around. She's only rolled over a few times, probably by accident, but the twisting is dramatic. This is how she moves when she's swaddled.

2) Pushing with her feet while on her back. She does this without even thinking about it. It just means we need bigger blankets under the playgym.

3) Pushing with her feet while on her stomach. This really pisses her off, because it drives her face into the ground. But it's very effective. It's how she reaches her max speed, which I'd put at about .25 meters per minute. She'll be all pissed off about it but still going, which is weird.

Back to the bassinet though... moving out of that means she'll have to sleep in her crib in her own room because there really isn't space in our room for the crib, plus we'd have to take it apart to get it in there anyway. Marc would not support that, he's ready to get our room back for just us. I'm not sure how this will work out... she still wakes up at night to eat, I'm totally used to her sleeping in our room, I wake up at night a lot to check on her and now I'll have to walk down the hall. I feel weird about the whole move, to be honest. But I don't think the bassinet is safe.

I'm also not sure swaddling her is safe, because twice now we've found her with loose blankets around or even over her face. She's just too darn good at struggling out. But she needs to be swaddled to sleep, otherwise the exciting challenge of eating her hands keeps her awake. I've thought about sleep-sacks but it can't be that much longer before she doesn't need to be swaddled, plus the sleep sacks aren't exactly cheap and we'd need a bunch of them. Between diaper blowouts and epic spit-up she's rarely capable of wearing the same nightgown two nights in a row. Hell sometimes we have to change her nightgown in the evening before she's even made it to bed.

Sometimes I feel like every other parent just has these issues figured out, like I've got to be making all this way too complicated.